Teacher's Websites

Mrs. Reynoso, TK

Email         Luz.Reynoso@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Mrs. McClintock, KA

E-mail       Eliane.McClintock@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Ms. Schutmaat, KB

Email         Heather.Schutmaat@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mrs. Veske, KC

E-mail       Jennifer.Veske@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE  

Ms. Greco, 1A

E-mail       Ruth.Greco@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mrs. Duarte, 1B

Email        Stephanie.Duarte@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Ms. Nguyen, 1C

Email        Lynn.Nguyen@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mrs. Sevier, 2A

E-mail        Diana.Sevier@gcccharters.org

Webpage   HERE

Mrs. Botsch, 2B

E-mail       Mary.Botsch@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Ms. Harris, 2C

Email        Lauren.Harris@gccchaters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mrs. Kaul, 3A

E-mail       Elizabeth.Kaul@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Mrs. Sauler, 3B

Email          April.Sauler@gcccharters.org

Webpage   HERE

Mr. Fitzgerald, 3C

Email          Ross.Fitzgerald@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mr. Peer, 4A

E-mail       Adrian.Peer@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mrs. Vale, 4B

E-mail       Rinda.Vale@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE  

Mr. Reilly, 5A

E-mail       Daniel.Reilly@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Mrs. Williams / Mrs. Ucler, 5B  

E-mail       Emily.Williams@gcccharters.org

E-mail       Claire.Ucler@gcccharters.org 

Webpage  HERE 

Mathematics, Science, and Design

Ms. Baltin, 6A Homeroom Teacher

E-mail       Dara.Baltin@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Language & Literature and Science

Ms. Turner, 6B Homeroom Teacher 

E-mail       Jennifer.Turner@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Mathematics and Design

Mrs. Owens, 7A Hoomeroom Teacher

Email          Monique.Owens@gcccharters.org 

Webpage  HERE

Visual & Performing Arts

Ms. Cooper, 7B Homeroom Teacher

Email         Megan.Cooper@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Individuals & Society

Mr. Albertson, 8A Homeroom Teacher

E-mail       Ronald.Albertson@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Language & Literature and Design

Mrs. Baudot, 8B Homeroom Teacher

E-mail       Chrystal.Baudot@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

Language Acquisition, Russian

Ms. Garner

E-mail       Lyudmyla.Garner@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Language Acquisition, Spanish

Ms. Briggs

E-mail       Angela.Briggs@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Physical & Health Education

Mr. Burkhead

Email         Paul.Burkhead@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE

Resource Specialist

Mrs. Iwan 

E-mail       Janelle.D'Amico@gcccharters.org

Webpage  HERE 

English Language Development

Mr. Dolyna

Email   Oleg.Dolyna@gcccharters.org